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Individual Disability Insurance Benefits

Most Americans get their disability benefits through their employer. The Group Long Term Disability benefits that firms offer provide adequate disability income protection for the majority of employees, but leave significant shortfalls in coverage for professionals and executives. The gaps include low coverage maximums, no protection of bonus compensation, and taxable benefits.

These challenges impact white collar executives and professionals such as attorneys and doctors the most and often these highly-paid professionals do not even realize they are subject to shortfalls in their coverage.

We structure customized individual disability insurance benefits for professionals and executives to:

  • Increase coverage maximums;
  • Protect bonus compensation;
  • Pay tax-free benefits; and
  • Provide high quality individual disability policy contract provisions.

These individual disability insurance benefits allow highly compensated professionals and executives to obtain appropriate levels of disability income replacement and thus protect their families and themselves from financial hardship in the case of a disability. In addition, we design these benefits so that those participating get deeply discounted policies and often have no medical or financial underwriting.